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Province 25

Dr. Richard Crosby


Tad Dickel


Alpha Gamma   -   University of Kentucky, Lexington Ky

Epsilon Upsilon   -     University of Evansville, Evansville IN

             Omicron Psi   -    Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond Ky

  Pi Epsilon      -    Bellarmine University, Louisville Ky

                 Theta Pi       -     Morehead State University, Morehead Ky

           Xi Lambda      -      Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Ky

   Zeta Kappa      -      University of Louisville , Louisville Ky


The Fall Province Workship has been scheduled for September 13 - 14, and will be held at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Ky.

Remember, National President Ramsey will be joining us, as will PG 5 Mark Lichtenberg.

Remember also, probationary members are most welcome to join us. If we have to do anything secret we can excuse them for a while. Most of the stuff will be general knowlege and they can hear it.

I will be out of town tomorrow afternoon through Sunday attending an NEC meeting in Evansville. We are going to be scrambling for everyone to find out who's attending and what not, and I know many of you are having rush functions right now. I hope you will all work hard to make sure each chapter is well-represented. We will be electing your CPR who will represent you at the National Assembly next summer. This is a HIGHLY important leadership role in the province and the national fraternity. Be thinking of brothers who are qualified and interested.

If I am able to get you an agenda before next weekend I will. I will certainly send you directions, or have someone from Bellarmine do so (Cody Twork, could you take care of that for me? Thanks!)

For any local info such as hotels, please direct emails to Cody Twork at

For Further Information on these activities, please e-mail Dr. Crosby.

Much of this news is passed along through the province 25 listserve. If you would like to be put on the listserve, please e-mail me and state your full name, chapter you were initiated to, status, and answer the question "Are you a Sinfonian?"