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Ten Minute Operas
Meet in School of Music Lobby at 6:15PM.


I hope everyone's first week of classes went well. I just want to remind
everyone that we will meet in the green room on Tuesday night at 9:30. There
are many things that will be discussed so please be there on time. Also, I
would like to take a picture of our entire chapter for the website so please
dress in a tie.

We have been asked to help with the ten minute operas performance on Thursday
night. This will involve mostly stage set-up, tear down and possibly a
little ushering. I will need you from around 6:15pm to around 10:30pm on
Thursday night. Obviously I don't expect the people directly involved with
the performance to participate in the stage work but I would really
appriciate everyone else's help. Please E-mail me if you absolutely cannot
do this. I need to know ASAP.

That's all for now. See you Tuesday. Don't forget to dress nicely.

Josh Toppass
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